Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Highlander - There should have been only one

Highlander rocks! Simple. It's dated, looks TV Movie at times and it jumps to conclusions too quickly. But that's only the bad bits, the good stuff reigns for longer screen time. It's a shame it spawned so many sequels that just seem to contain the bad bits of the first.

What you have here is a simple fantasy love story that is heavy on the sword slashing kilt wearing head chopping action. All topped off by a rocking soundtrack by Queen. You could probably drop the 'fantasy love story' angle as well if you're not trying to get the girlfriend to watch it.

I have seen this movie so many times and under so many incarnations and this time the revisit was in Blu Ray. Wow! Stunning! I saw things in this movie that I have never seen before. That said, there were still one or two frames that were missing from this European cut that are present in the US one. But I think they were a 'slip' anyway :)


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Point Break - I am an EFF-BEE-EYE agent!

Cheesy dialogue, Homo-Erotica, Bad Ass Action, Crazy Mofo Story. Say what you want, this movie is a classic and should be revisited often. They don't make 'em like this anymore but they goddamn should do. Respect to the Fan Trailer below as it makes it look like it was made yesterday.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Outsider - I've had the time of my life

I'm not here to discuss the talent of Patrick Swayze. I'm sure he had it, I'm sure he showed it. It's just that I had a conversation today with someone who appeared to be his biggest fan and insisted that his films were amazing. All I could come up with in reply was the following :-

'So you have listed four films. One of which is Rubbish. One of which is no better than Mamma Mia! or Sex And The City in it's "Not really interested in the movies but I follow the Bear" Audience. One of which is quite good except, ironically, for it's most famous Scene and one of which is genuinely good but not mind blowingly genre defining and still attracts a female audience for all the wrong reasons'

All of that and that and I didn't even bite at the 'Over rated' comment about Donnie Darko. Or even bring up the Homoerotic Youngblood (check out the DVD cover--------Wooooooahhh!!!!!) You can guess what the others are yourself.

Still, my fondest memory of old Patrick will be when my mum went to watch Point Break at the flix as she was a 'Huge' fan (oooh because of Dirty Dancing no doubt :)). Yep, well she spent the whole film thinking Keanu Reeves was him. I rest my case.

RIP Patrick

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mamma Mia - !<$£ Off

I watch a lot of $hit movies but I chuffing hate ABBA songs so I ain't never gonna watch this.

Dead Snow - The greatest Norwegian Horror movie I have ever seen

Nazis. Zombies. Blood. Snow. When you see those list of ingredients then you know that it wont have to try too hard to win me over. Comedy Horror is a pretty hard genre to nail, but these guys have done it. All the good stuff that made Severance and Dog Soldiers a joy to watch and none of The Cottage which just wasn't.

102 Minutes that changed America

I would imagine that in this everyone has a camera on them world we live in that more world changing events could be put together like this. A really gripping and intense viewing experience that's still hard to believe that it really happened. At times it looks like a movie. Watch and remember.

Banlieue 13 - How we would love to build a wall around france

I read a review that said this wasn't a Luc Besson film and that he tends to tag his name to a lot of movies nowdays to give them some clout. What a dick. I mean this is no 'From the Producers of Alien' or 'From the Director of The Matrix second cousin'. Nope People, he wrote this hence the Besson attachment and the Besson influence.

Of course this tells you what to expect in terms of script and style, and so you know what's in the box is what's on the box. Yep. Groovy fights, tight editing, colourful characters and crazy stuntage. This time using the age old setting of a prison state. Nice work!

Awake - But only just

I was worried about how suspenseful and scary a film could be when the basic premise is about a bloke waking up during an operation. I suppose it could work but it might require some acting on the leads part. So who did they pick for this momentous task..........Hayden Christensen. He dusted off his bratish teenager attitude form Attack Of The Clones (which I thought he did well) and showed us that that's pretty much ....him. I cant explain how bad he is in this part so I will just say Mark Wahlberg in The Happening.

So then, to the film. It's an interesting if slightly far fetched thriller, which does have a bit of a twist in the middle that I didn't see coming. Actually the script is pretty good and if it wasn't for HC mind screaming on the slab then it might have worked.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Poltergeist - I was Here!!!

Steven Spielbergs Horror movie. He wrote it, he edited it and he probably directed it. Who knows for sure. One thing is it has the trade mark touches of the Berg. Great American Suburbs, Kids that can act, Geeky Dads and Scares for all. Apparently directed by Tobe Hooper but this is so far removed from TCM it's not funny (even though it is). Might have been gutted if I turned up to watch this on release expecting more hack and slash.

Scared me as a kid and still worth a watch every now and again (every 10 years or so) even if it doesn't quite live up to a Horror or a Spielberg winner. Could probably find a niche market in Primary schools to introduce kids to the wonder of Horror cinema???.