Saturday, 20 September 2008

Rocknrolla - Going for a ruby with the trouble, give this a butchers, worth spending your Abergavennys on. It's that Guy, whatsisname?

Not as good as the trailers suggest. He's not back on top form yet. A blend of Revolver style but the raw comedy of his first 2 is still not back. Great cast and soundtrack though. And better than I'm making it sound.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Fall - One long advert???

If you saw The Cell, you might know what to expect. It looks at times like you are watching a commercial with the style and editing, but the locations are so stunning, they draw you in. Not for all, but just maybe.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Hell Ride - QT produces revenge

If you don't like Grindhouse, you will hate it. If you didn't like Wild Hogs, you will love this.

The Darjeeling Limited - It's a train not a cuppa.

Love Wes Andersons work or hate it. I love it and will look foward to watching this one again.

Hellboy II - Hellboy Harder

Del Toro ramps up the Pan's Labyrinth imagery in this sequel, a lot less like Blade II and Hellboy and more crazy mexican fantasy mind. Still very much Hellboy attitude though.

Doomsday - We Love It!

For the love of John,Paul,George and Cameron. You knows it!!!! And on the seven day god created Rhona Mitra and thought....there is a god.

Semi-Pro - He's my friend son, can he come with me?

Will Ferrell can not do much wrong. the man is a comedic genius. Most people will hate it, but it's fantastic. 'I'm being told it's called the Alley-oop, Yes, that is easier to say'

Outpost - Bunkers, War, Experiments, yes it's another British horror film

Nazis are scary, simple really. Titus Pullo is great as usual. Roll on The Punisher return.

[REC] - Yikes

Oh my god it's scary, and as hand cam style, really draws you in. Last 15 will not give you an easy sleep. Blair Witch influence but more scary things than piles of rocks.

The Science of Sleep - Don't close your eyes for a minute

Bonkers!! Reminds me of Brazil, but only because of the dream sequences and the fact that Gilliam is bonkers as well. Watch It.

The Ruins - Ruined

Don't you hate a horror film that has a budget, is filmed well, acted well but ultimately is neither scary, disturbing or sick but merely shite.

In Bruges - Belgium never looked better

Very entertaiig from the off. A black comedy with laugh out loud moments that quickly turn violent. Set against the backdrop of Bruges which is more ineresting than you think. Like I was in a dream. 1 gay Beer please barman. :lol:. You know more midgets die proportionatly....

Vantage Point - Is Europe always this dangerous?

Brilliant. Kept me entertained from the start. a bit like Snake eyes in its teling of the story. Great action and car chases. Just a little unsure if cars in spain have airbags and what you have to do to make them work.

Harsh times - The 3rd sequel???

'Cos it's Friday, we aint got no job and you aint got shit to do.' And there the similarity with 'Friday' ends.

Monsters, Inc - Scary

Another classic. Plenty to keep coming back for.

Edison - Hey that's JT

JT, I was suprised, it was gritty, the cast was good, I was tired, I fell asleep, cry me a river.

Finding Nemo - A message??

I thought it was classy, funny and dark. But apparently it's about friends, single parents and disabled children - well I won't have to listen to her opinions no more.

The Incredibles - They are incredible

Outstanding. Quite simply, their best work that wll struggle to be matched.

Toy Story 2 - Wow, they are real!!!

So much better than the first, Like Empire which it nods to a lot. Cant beat that tour guide Barbie. Good thing is you can skip Jessies song if you don't have kids. Bleugh!!!!

Toy Story - They think they're real.

It's still good and never gets old. The original set the standard.

Zombie Strippers - Am I in Heaven????

ZOMBIE......STRIPPERS.....What more does one want. That said it is very entertaining and pretty well made. Just know what type of film this is before you judge.

Drillbit Taylor - A hero among kids

Pretty funny film, was expecting worse. ' I was discharged - unauthorized heroism'

Antibodies - Wierd German Shit

SOTL meets Se7en. Or would have been Se7en of they didn't bottle the ending. Up till then this was a pretty creepy film.


This film is amazing. It looks great. The Soundtrack is great. At times it looks like the Anime it is sourced from. It is beautiful to watch, It is stunning. that said I still don't know what is going on???

Black Hawk Down

Just tooo good. There is no let up in this movie and it looks fantastic. Black Hawk Down Black Hawk DownBlack Hawk Down Below..


I thought it was more for kids this time, but it was still very funny. Looks great with great cameos.

30 Days of Night

Plays pretty serious, plus blood and snow always look good. 30 days of night, how I could do with that right now.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Promotion

Quirky comedy that would be applauded if we made it in the UK, but this is from the states. Is this my life?? Probably not, but it is my job status. We say Crackin' the cheese, Crackin' It.

The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emporer

Not as funny as before, no Rachael Weisz (Maria Bello is usually good but why have cotton...) Over the top CGI, friendly Yeti's but loads of tomb raiding action. Fans of the other two will love it - that'll be me then.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Perfection. This will be over quickly, you will enjoy this, I am your king. Ha-ooh Ha-ooh Ha-ooh!

Speed Racer

Take Pixars Cars, Mario Cart, Tron, Dick Tracey, Spy Kids,Wipeout, Roger Rabbit, add some acid (and take some) and this is probably what you get. Cool Beans.